Physical Examinations

Physical Examinations

Employees have differing strengths and physical capacities. When an employer understands what every employee is capable of doing, and the tasks for which they are not well suited, a safe and productive workplace can be maintained. West Texas Injury Prevention can assist you in evaluating and assigning different tasks to your employees, based upon their differing physical capabilities.

Pre-employment physical examinations are becoming standard in a lot of industries. At one-time employers were required only in industries with numerous work-related accidents, however, an increasing number of employers are discovering the benefits of requiring them.

On the surface, it appears as if physical exams are only beneficial to employers, however in reality, workers benefit as well. How do workers benefit? To begin with, physical exams ensure that a worker is healthy and capable of performing the job for which they are hired. It is true that the employer is being protected against legal claims by requiring physicals, but the employee is also protected by confirming that they are in good physical condition and capable of performing their job.

At West Texas Injury Prevention, we perform DOT and Non DOT exams, Bus Driver physicals, Fit for Duty, Return to Duty, Triage exams after an injury, Medical Clearance exams for Agility tests. We are not just for employers – we perform physicals for UIL school participation, church camp, Young Marines, and Boy Scout camp. We are also able to perform lab tests as required.

W.T.I.P. Physical Exams

  • School Physical
  • Triage Exam (Injury)
  • Young Marine Physical