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Lab Work

Lab Work

Blood Tests For Health Screening

Routine lab work is often done to obtain a baseline for the health of a person or to detect pre-existing health conditions. In most instances, aside from blood tests for drug detection, a person’s fluid and electrolyte levels, hematology tests, and a lipid panel are taken.

Fluid and electrolyte tests will give an indication if the body has normal levels of potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, chloride and various other electrolytes that contribute to overall health and well-being. Kidney problems, diabetes, and a number of other maladies can be detected by these tests.

Hematology tests are primarily used to detect the Hemoglobin and Hematocrit levels, as well as the white blood cell count. Low levels of hemoglobin and hematocrit result from an inadequate red blood cell count that will cause a person to be anemic. Generally, anemia will result in weakness, chronic fatigue, and exercise intolerance. A high white blood cell count usually indicates that the body is fighting an infection, however, it can also be an indication of other conditions, such as leukemia.

A lipid panel is used to detect the presence of various types of cholesterol and triglycerides. Since high levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides are often precursors to heart disease and stroke, their detection can prompt corrective measures to help avert these afflictions.

A Doctor's order is required. We gladly accept insurance and charge a $15 copay. If no insurance, we have self pay cash prices as well.

Audiogram - Hearing Test

An audiogram creates a detailed account of the hearing ability of a person. It is comprised of a variety of tests that will determine if hearing loss is present, and if it is present, the degree to which it is present.

An audiogram may be needed if a person’s job depends on the ability to hear. If hearing is impaired, the degree of impairment is evident from the audiogram, so that a person’s ability to perform a particular task can be evaluated.  We follow OSHA hearing conservation guidelines, and can compare Baselines to Annuals.

Corrective action can often be taken, if needed, with various types of hearing aids.

EKG- Electrocardiogram

An EKG is a test that measures the electrical conduction pathways of the heart. It is a very safe and painless test.Electrical leads are placed on the arms, legs, and across the chest to record the electrical activity of the heart. The results of the test are seen on a monitor and/or printed out on an EKG test strip.

Normal electrical conduction within the heart adheres to a certain pattern, with some acceptable variations, for all individuals. Deviations from a normal heart rhythm are called arrhythmias and are indicative of an underlying cardiac condition.

Our chiropractors are fully trained to detect normal and aberrant heart conditions. If an aberrant heart conditions is detected, the patient will be referred to a cardiologist for further investigation.

Assessments - Lift/Climb, Jamar, Back Fit, Rom, Agility, and Job Specific Functional Tests

For physically demanding jobs, an employer will frequently need to know if a person has the capability of performing the necessary tasks. Our tests are designed to compare an individual’s functional capacity with the physical demands of a particular job.

This assessment will help employers match potential employees with jobs that they are well suited for, and avoid placing a new employee in a position that they don’t have the ability to perform.

Respiratory Testing

Fit Test OSHA Questionairre Review

Many types of jobs require workers to wear a respirator to avoid breathing in contaminants. OSHA (United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requires that these respirators be tested for a proper fit, for each worker who is required to wear them.

A fit test will test how well the facepiece of the respirator fits with the face of the person wearing it. The test takes about 20 minutes to complete and it is done at least once per year. After a fit test is passed, the same size, model, make, and style of respiratory must be used on the job.

Pulmonary Function Test (PFT)

PFTs are tests that are designed to determine if a person’s lungs are working properly. This will include the ability to breathe and how effectively oxygen is being delivered to the blood stream. These tests may be ordered for the following reasons:

  • Part of a routine physical exam
  • If symptoms of breathing problems are present
  • To determine if current treatment is effective
  • To assess lungs prior to surgery


We administer immunizations that are required for attendance at a school or university or needed by health care practitioners and other professionals in order to fulfill job requirements. We offer the following immunizations and TB Screening tests.

  • Tdap
  • Flu
  • Hep B
  • TB Screening

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays are safe, accurate and fast and allow our chiropractors to identify and diagnose problem areas quickly and accurately. These X-rays allow us to identify areas of misalignment and develop a precise treatment plan. Results can be easily shared with our patients or other healthcare practitioners by quick electronic transfer.